Responses to COLTT Open Letter

Thank you Mitchell Woll! (Tweet is here.)

Update Wednesday, July 13th

On the evening of Tuesday, July 12th I received a response from Dr. Keyek-Franssen, COLTT Conference Director, quoted in full below:

Dear Professor Holden —
The program committee and I are sorry that you have decided not to attend COLTT. We will issue you a full refund.
We disagree with your characterization of the feedback given to you, but respect and support your right to express and publish your concerns.
Deborah Keyek-Franssen

Tuesday, July 12

Yesterday I wrote an open letter to COLLT.

I’m publishing this post for four reasons:

  1. This summer I’m teaching a graduate course on digital storytelling that models for learners how to leverage social media in support of expression and creativity. There’s little doubt that the circumstances surrounding my need to write such a letter teach many lessons. Some of those lessons concern the use of everyday technologies, media, and networks. As such, this post functions as an educational tool to help those learners reflect upon their relationship to social media and networked communities, and to emphasize the power of those relations in amplifying a good story.
  2. I’m thankful to the many individuals who have supported me — both publicly and privately — since I wrote this letter. Including their voices in this post is one small way of appreciating their stance and solidarity.
  3. It’s always good to have a record, especially when that record includes data — you never know when you might need it.
  4. If/when I receive a response from COLTT, I will feature it here.

I wrote quite a few tweets on Monday, July 11th. Three included a direct link to my open letter. (Note that the number of retweets and likes per tweet updates automatically - thanks internet magic.) Here are those tweets:

There has also been notable support from many people who have either quoted my tweet and added their own commentary, or included a link to my open letter in their own tweet. I’ve tried to capture all these tweets, and will update this post periodically. Here are those tweets in chronological order:

Finally, here are a few Medium stats about my letter. According to Medium’s stats algorithms, as of 9p MT on Friday July 15th:

  • 774 page views
  • 393 reads
  • 51% read ratio
  • 12 recommends

If someone knows how to embed a real time stat summary of Medium post stats into a new Medium post, please let me know (and thanks!); if not, I’ll also update these stats periodically.