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Many consider layering an art for the careful selection that needs to happen to pull off a look. For winter through spring, layers of clothing are required to stay warm and fuzzy while one braves tough to gentle breezes. In this blog post, fashion design professional Remi Landau lets her readers in on secrets to becoming a layering pro.

Mix the fabrics. Focusing on the clothing material is necessary to achieving layering success. All through winter and spring, fabrics such as denim, wool, and cotton are essential for keeping warm inside. …

The outbreak of COVID-19 has shown the best in people as part of society and as individuals. While most companies have been forced to shut down, some went beyond and answered the call of society. Restaurants have provided meals for medical workers, several production lines have begun producing necessary medical equipment, and landlords have canceled out rent during these trying times. According to fashion designer Remi Landau, even the fashion industry is fighting back.

Around the globe, fashion designers are helping provide personal protective equipment or PPE for medical workers. Standard PPE may be restrictive when it comes to movement…

Remi Landau draws from her extensive experience in styling, set design, and editorial publishing to work as a clothing designer for a high-end nightwear label. To stay informed on the latest trends in the fashion industry, Remi Landau regularly attends shows during
New York Fashion Week.

In the second week of September 2018, dozens of fashion houses premiered their latest designs for the spring/summer 2019 season. Here are a few of the standout trends from the Fashion Week shows:

- Tie Dye. A toned-down version of the psychedelic print appeared in several lines. …

Clothing designer Remi Landau is working on a collection for nightwear for her client. Remi Landau’s other interests include calligraphy.

The fanciful penmanship that is created from calligraphy is a decorative way to send a note to someone through snail mail. While the digital age is here, calligraphy still has a few practical uses in this era outside of being a diversion.

For one, in business, calligraphy can be used with business cards or resumes. Calligraphy can embellish both business cards and resumes, making them appear very professional and revealing that great care was used in preparing them.

Those who…

Remi Landau currently serves as a clothing designer. In the past, Remi Landau worked as an original programming intern at the Epix television network, where she created a presentation on comedy strategies.

When it comes to naming the longest-running comedic television show of all time, several distinctions can be made. Saturday Night Live (SNL), premiered in 1975 and had aired nearly 880 episodes as it entered the 2019–2020 season, the show’s 45th.

However, SNL is not a primetime show and is classed as a variety show rather than a sitcom, which is why it is not often featured on comedy…

Fashionista Photo by on Unsplash

Remi Landau is a former assistant for a personal stylist, and currently a designer for a social nightwear clothing line. She has been involved in the fashion industry for more than five years and furing this period, Remi Landau has grown her expertise. She is very familiar with niches such things as curating clothing selections, collaborating on accessory placement for advertising, and researching future fashion seasons and styles.

In the past, fashion progressed slowly due to a lack of technology. However, this trend came to a halt after the Industrial Revolution. This is due to the invention of the sewing…

Sneakers Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Fashion designer- Remi Landau, is a seasoned designer at her company’s social nightwear line. She is experienced in the art of styling different clothings and combining accessories to create unique outfits. She is an authority in the field and has garnered over five years working experience in the fashion industry.

Remi Landau explains that the color of your shoes is just one of the numerous features to be considered when matching your outfit to your footwear. Past trends in the fashion world will encourage that you pick your shoes according to the color of your outfit. So for instance, if…

Notes using calligraphy pen Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash
Notes using calligraphy pen Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash
Notes using calligraphy pen Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Remi Landau, a New York-based fashion professional, is designing clothing items for a social nightwear line. During this process, she completes sketches for each new item idea. In addition to having an interest in art outside of work, Remi Landau is fond of other artistic hobbies, such as calligraphy.

Although many people view calligraphy as a single thing, it is actually comprised of three main styles: Western, Arabic, and Eastern. Each of these three categories is briefly described below:

When people in the United States say “calligraphy,” they usually refer to the Western style of lettering. This type of calligraphy…

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash
Man holding his sunglasses Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

A designer for a social nightwear clothing line, Remi Landau previously served as an assistant to a personal stylist and as an accessories intern at various New York companies. Remi Landau is experienced in helping clients discover and dress in their personal style.

Many people struggle to find their style. One way to start is to gather inspiration from different style icons. This gives you an overall idea of which fashion speaks to you and helps you narrow your options.

Once you have this foundation, you can get a few basics you like. Basics include a cold-weather coat, a little…

Joy comes in the morning calligraphy Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash
Joy comes in the morning calligraphy Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash
Joy comes in the morning calligraphy Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Since obtaining an internship with the noted fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, clothing designer Remi Landau has been immersed in the fashion world. When not working on stylish pieces for her company’s night wear line, Remi Landau enjoys practicing calligraphy.

The rising popularity of calligraphy has brought a host of innovative tools to the market. Some of the most useful items for a calligrapher at any level include the following:

Rolling ruler — One of the first steps of making a calligraphy piece includes creating grid lines. …

Remi Landau

A recipient of a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, Remi Landau most recently worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant for a personal stylist.

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