Giving COVID-19 the heel: Designers fighting back with fashion

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has shown the best in people as part of society and as individuals. While most companies have been forced to shut down, some went beyond and answered the call of society. Restaurants have provided meals for medical workers, several production lines have begun producing necessary medical equipment, and landlords have canceled out rent during these trying times. According to fashion designer Remi Landau, even the fashion industry is fighting back.

Around the globe, fashion designers are helping provide personal protective equipment or PPE for medical workers. Standard PPE may be restrictive when it comes to movement and may generally be uncomfortable when worn for an extended period. This is why some designers have come up with creative fixes to make wearing facemasks less strenuous. Designers are also creating practical designs for PPE like face shields.

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Major brands are also giving back by pledging to help fill the demand for PPE around the world. Prada pledged to produce over 100,000 face masks while Gucci, alongside Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, promised to deliver over a million face masks. Other fashion outlets such as Estée Lauder have opened their production line to manufacture much-needed hand sanitizers. The company also donated $2 million to Doctors Without Borders.

Fashion icons such as Anna Rosa Vitiello, Bettina Looney, and several other personalities have also made personal donations to charitable institutions by conducting coordinated wardrobe clear outs to raise money. Likewise, European icons like Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace have donated millions of dollars to local hospitals in Milan and Rome.

Amid the outbreak of Covid-19, people in the fashion industry are still looking up and finding ways to help others, notes Remi Landau. Despite low sales, cutbacks in executive pay, foreclosures, and layoffs, people in the fashion industry are still able to give back when it is needed the most.

Remi Landau generates and sketches design ideas for social wear and nightlife clothing that serve as samples for upcoming lines. As an aspiring fashion designer, she is a regular attendee at New York Fashion Week. For more insightful reads on the fashion world, visit this blog.

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A recipient of a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, Remi Landau most recently worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant for a personal stylist.

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