Practical Uses of Calligraphy

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Clothing designer Remi Landau is working on a collection for nightwear for her client. Remi Landau’s other interests include calligraphy.

The fanciful penmanship that is created from calligraphy is a decorative way to send a note to someone through snail mail. While the digital age is here, calligraphy still has a few practical uses in this era outside of being a diversion.

For one, in business, calligraphy can be used with business cards or resumes. Calligraphy can embellish both business cards and resumes, making them appear very professional and revealing that great care was used in preparing them.

Those who send out invitations to a wedding or other events will not have to hire a professional to handwrite invitations. Again, invites are usually ornate and calligraphy adds a special touch to the cards. Calligraphy can be used with invitations, envelopes, place cards, and an assortment of stationery.

If looking to turn a hobby into a profession, providing businesses with this service is another practical use of this art. A boutique business, offering calligraphy to businesses who might not have the time to write artfully crafted notes or business cards is another way to take art and turn into a venture.

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A recipient of a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, Remi Landau most recently worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant for a personal stylist.

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