Coding Has Become Pop Culture
Attila Vágó

I kinda miss the days when I was called a “webmaster” instead of a “Web developer.” People did not understand the job, dismissed it as fake, thought you were poor and dumb, and just went on their way. Then, the bubble came, when everyone wanted to get on board with “Web design” for some quick cash, but that bubble burst. Only those who understood the job and did it well remained on board.

Today, that attitude during that bubble resurfaced. While I try to diversify my activities outside of work, when I’m not in front of a screen monopolised by a terminal, I have to do everything I can to hide the fact that I am a developer. Otherwise, that is the only thing people want to talk about. Suddenly, everyone wants to code and be friends with programmers. “I want to learn coding!,” “I have an idea for a startup!,” “Can you fix my computer?,” “How much for a Web site?”


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