Ireland & France — July 2017 #photography #portraits #family #lifestyle #spontaneous

Me today: Click. Open Lightroom. Scroll.
— “Hey maybe I’ll change my cover picture today! This one’s pretty cool. Hmmm… wait a minute, maybe this one instead? etc.”
You get the picture.

IBM workshop — Offset 2016

Online identity is something unique to each of us; we build it everyday — posting, uploading, interacting with apps & websites. We use the web to read stories and tell our own. …

A local collection of hand picked portraits & stories from a genuine and multicultural community, at the heart of Dublin’s most iconic neighbourhood.

This photojournalistic project features 27 portraits of people living, working or breathing in The Liberties. Similar to Humans of New York’s approach, I would stop people on…

Rémi Parnaud

Visual Storyteller, Digital Designer, Photographer, Life Observer—

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