This would’ve been my very first time voting for a president. I couldn’t vote in 2008 or in 2012 because I wasn’t old enough. But now that I can, I thought I had a voice, I thought I could finally be involved in our county’s politics and make a difference in the world. I chose to be a Democrat, but now I feel betrayed. I feel so disgusted with the DNC right now, I don’t know what to do. I really, REALLY, wanted Bernie to win, and I knew there was a lot against him, but after finding out about WikiLeaks exposing those emails, I’m really disgusted. 
 I’m hoping like hell Bernie will run Independent or head over to the Green Party, but right now I just wanna sit in a corner and cry. I know I could vote for Dr. Jill Stein, but I still really wanted Bernie. If Bernie is really done, then I will go with Jill. I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary, and I would never vote for that monster Trump. I’m sick of people saying that not voting for Hillary is like voting for Trump. No it isn’t. I feel like the DNC and her supporters are holding me down and trying to force me to swallow the Hillary pill. I wasnt taught to settle growing up. If this isnt what I wanted, then i need to fight for what I want, you know?
 I know his revolution isn’t over, but I’m just disgusted with our country right now. I understand that having the first female Democratic nominee running for president is awesome, yes it is. But I don’t want Hillary. Dr. Jill Stein could be the next president too, why aren’t people talking about that? It also frustrates me that people keep barking at me saying, "our people weren’t allowed to vote and you’re threatening to stay home this November, oh hell no". First of all, I have never said that I wasn’t going to the polls November, so where the hell did they get the shit from? I’ll be mad as hell and I’ll be dragging me feet, but I will carry my salty ass to those polls. As a young, black millennial female, I know all too well how hard black men and women worked to have a voice in the polls, but I feel like this race hasn’t given anyone a voice except for those with the money bags. I don’t feel like any of us have a voice in this crooked ass presidential race. Republicans or Democrats. Something has got to change. Something has GOT TO CHANGE.