Shellman reborn

I did graduate in CS recently and was looking for some part time job. Meanwhile decided to pay back debts to OSS (open source software) society.

But where to start? I had a little experience on JavaScript (mostly Node.js) and shell scripting and wasted much of my time on concepts. Even worse, on concepts from different disciplines!

While working on small private and public projects I found out writing bash script even in a good IDE like vscode is not that easy. Why no one developed an extension to make writing bash scripts as eating a 🍰?

Actually there was many, and since the scripting language was one of the oldest programming languages, it was not a good choice for a beginner. After all, coding an extension for vscode was too much for a beginner like me.

Even snippets design in vscode was more organized and structured than the bash script language itself and as far as I investigated no one has been tried to beautify the ugliness, at least as a vscode extension. There was an opportunity. Girls are good at beautifying.

So far you may guessed the reason why I didn’t develop the idea as an extension. Yes, simply I would love, but didn’t have the knowledge and expertise. Never heard ignorance is power!

Thinking out of the box

If you are already a fan of Shellman, you may noticed where I’m putting the effort. Organizing or kinda creating a new higher level language out of bash scripting leveraging the power of vscode snippets. using snippet with prefixes which contain spaces!

Math namespace example

Snippets meant to be short but Shellman maybe has the longest snippets you have ever seen. The idea was to map ideas from core libraries of well-known programming languages, if applicable, to vscode snippets. I just did know there are good core libraries in JAVA and .NET but didn’t know them in details. That was not a big problem if you know how to Google .NET string methods and pick the good ones.

The business model was where to steal the ideas from and where to sell them.

There is a flaw in intellectual property laws. They don’t protect the most valuable intellectual property, wisdom.

So far I have implemented Math and String namespaces but it is not that easy always. For now I’m thinking how to organize HTTP methods using curl as simple as possible in HTTP namespace.

I would love to hear your ideas and feedback. Happy bash scripting with Shellman.