The Curious Case of Mrs. Trump’s Hat (and Shoes)

Trump, Texas, 2017

I’ve been told to ‘get over Melania’s shoes’ on her visit to flood-devastated Texas. The problem with this is that I can’t. Nor can I get over her hat. I’m a reasonable woman with the capacity to think critically. This makes it hard to overlook not only the absurdity of rocking 4 inch stilettos on a compassionate visit to a flood zone, but her need to wear a hat with her title on it.

Fox News says I’m ‘sad’ because caring about Melania’s shoes is petty. I say: either Fox News is staffed with unintuitive morons or they are venally pursuing an agenda of propping up the farce that is the Trump presidency for their own financial benefit. This is the 21st Century equivalent of the king wearing no clothes.

The stilettos say: ‘I’m completely disconnected from the reality in front of me’ and the hat says: ‘I am so insecure about my position, I need to wear this hat so that people know who I am.’

This is a presidency entirely obsessed with optics, but almost criminally unable to manage them competently. It has been seven whole months of watching incapable people try - not even very hard - to fake it. It’s like someone made a low budget TV movie about a fictional president and his wife visiting a natural disaster, but couldn’t afford a decent script writer, professional actors, or even a capable wardrobe department. Everyone appears to be trying way too hard to be convincing. That’s because they know, in their hearts, that they’re faking it every minute of the day.

There’s a reason the Obamas looked so comfortable and natural when they engaged with the public in moments of crisis. They weren’t pretending. They were actually physically and emotionally engaged.

After the tornados in Joplin Missouri, 2011
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