Born on the 27th of May

You thought the path ahead was simple, race through school, work, marry, children and good health oh yeah enjoying life. You never thought there would be very high bumps, to reduce your speed, crazy traffic to slow you down, traffic lights and maybe some wrong turns. Because of these, delays, heartbreaks and what I like to call failing forwards have occurred which will make you sometimes question certain choices. But the beauty of mistakes is they are meant to happen to teach you, to show you another version. And guess what? The whole world is still making mistakes. In the midst of pursuing your purpose you have been stretched, punched, knocked down but even with that you are still always very humbly thankful and most especially cultivating a durable and intimate bond with God.

From this journey, which you are still on, and wearing it courageously and comfortably, continuously appreciate human compassion, and the knack to trust in resolute strength. Persistently learn that dips, failures, slammed doors, setbacks are not a reflection of your person or worth but just what I like to tag circumstantial timing. You are consistently discovering that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, if anything it is the ultimate symbol of immeasurable strength, because you open yourself up to living fully knowing that situations or people might hurt you again. You are learning daily that while existing comfortable is “safe”, you cannot grow hence the slammed doors, the punches, the knock outs, the strength and faith testing is vital for growth, and you realize you are just starting.

And if there is one imperative gift you can harness it is to be kind, be selflessly, generously kind as much as you can because although you cannot control most other things you can this one skill. Oh and remember that very famous quote “If the only prayer you ever say is Thank you, it will be enough”.

Lastly, that rainbow It is not a dream!!!!