A 26-year-old MIT graduate is turning heads over his theory that income inequality is actually…
Greg Ferenstein

This is what I’ve been saying

A lot of the problems that created the housing crisis were groups that prevented new housing from going up, thus creating “scarcity”.

Groups like the ones that want to keep housing costs high to protect a few birds that occasionally go to a certain spot like the Google planned campus and housing. People won’t let them develop close proximity housing because a few birds sometimes go there.

Basically look at anything that involves the Google campus and problems associated with it for good examples.

People restricting development over superficial issues such as this have lost perspective. They are actually hurting the environment more by encouraging more car use due to the lack of allowing developers to build closer to corp. campuses. More car/bus usage=more emissions.

If smarter housing/zoning was performed the housing crisis would have been avoided and the economy would have stayed better and would be better currently.

After this kinda stuff happened a domino effect happened nationwide.

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