REM Loyalty and The White Company team up with Stellar to create premium consumer experiences

The White Company, a luxury marketplace and cryptocurrency pioneer with its WSD (White Standard) Stable Coin, has teamed with REM Loyalty — a global loyalty rewards program, which like the White Company, is built on the Stellar Network.

Elizabeth White, the founder of the White Company, along with co-founder Edgar Radjabli run a multi-pronged company that values trust and efficiency, which aims to bring cryptocurrency based payment solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide . With the backing of the hedge fund Apis Capital Management and WSD pegged to the US dollar, the team is able to bring efficient fiat transfers to Stellar and have recently added GBP (WSP) and EUR (WSE) pegged pairings as well.

Powered by Stellar, REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based rewards ecosystem linking businesses with customers through the REM token and App wallet. Its robust partner ecosystem offers exciting rewards in the trillion-dollar online travel industry, the multi-billion dollar ride sharing industry and the untapped 650 billion dollar North American rental market. REM is the only token where you can earn from booking travel, apply them to your monthly rent, Uber ride, StubHub tickets and even redeem for cash.

“REM Loyalty is a great solution. It removes the difficulties of traditional rewards programs that are expensive for sponsors and restrictive for participants. REM Loyalty is making loyalty points faster and more efficient. By using fewer points, people can fly more often, or upgrade to business or perhaps stay at that glamorous hotel. Which is in perfect alignment with what we are doing in the luxury space as well as cryptocurrency payments.”

Zdravko Loborec, founder of REM Loyalty sees tremendous synergies in the partnership. “REM Loyalty is excited to be part of the continued growth story of the White Company. The White Company is expanding into debit card solutions which are natural partners for loyalty programs such as ours. With our global travel solutions and the ability to redeem REM easily into fiat currencies it makes travel easier than ever for us in the blockchain community. And with future Tap And Pay solutions being developed by the White Company it will make redeeming REM possible at any POS outlet”.

The White Company will have access to REM Loyalty’s growing client base and the two are looking to partner in virtual cards that will enable cryptocurrency to be used in the trillion-dollar travel and accommodation segments already present in the REM Loyalty marketplace.

About The White Company

Founded in 2017, The White Company offers a stable, transparent, and secure ecosystem for cryptocurrency asset management and payments,. Rooted in its $USD-backed, monthly audited White Standard stable coin and multifunction White Wallet, The White Company enables consumers and companies, alike, to harness the many benefits of digital currency without any of the risk, expense or market volatility. For more, visit

About REM Loyalty

REM Loyalty has a trust score of A from Coinschedule and is ranked as one of the top ten listed ICOs through a rigorous verification process by one of the most credible ICO listings. Join the conversation on Telegram for more information on REM’s loyalty token offering (LTO) launching on September 4, 2018 and with immediate and full utility on the same day.

Powered by Stellar, REM Loyalty is a blockchain-based ecosystem for loyalty rewards programs, linking both crypto and traditional consumer communities.

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