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Remnant Labs
4 min readSep 9, 2021


Remnant Labs — Fantasy Anime NFT Game


Remnant Labs Limited™ is excited to announce the launch of our fantasy anime crypto NFT game ecosystem.

First and foremost, we’re a game development studio. Our goal is to deliver fun, high quality gaming to the masses. It started in 2017, when we stumbled upon NFTs. Back then, we were just fans. Now, we see NFTs as viable solutions that increase the quality of life of games bringing more value to players.

Our Vision

We envision games that are not only fun to play, but also rewarding for players to play. The next several years will make it clear that a new era of gaming is coming. More secure, interconnected, and open (free market).

NFT Gate image
The NFT flood gates have opened

NFT Market and Use Case

As seen in the market, NFTs are currently revolutionizing the art, music, crypto, and gaming industry by allowing true verifiable ownership. It’s hard to wrap our heads around the full potential of NFTs, but people are starting to discover interesting use cases across a multitude of industries. This growth can be compared to the early internet years when people were discovering social media for the first time.

NFT Treasure image
The “name of our game” is sustainable play-to-earn


Players will no longer only earn in-game items that are stuck on game servers, but will hold them in their own wallet, bringing more fair value to players. This will usher a golden age of gaming where everything flourishes: our ecosystem and growth, and o̶u̶r̶ ̶w̶a̶l̶l̶e̶t̶s̶ your wallets through a play-to-earn economy!

Our Approach

We asked ourselves these primary questions throughout development.

1) How do we on-ramp mass players?
We’ve developed a secure in-house soft-mint system, allowing players to get started with their first character within 60 seconds without a crypto wallet, then link one later.

1b) How long will that take?
It will take a lot of time and proven work to show that it’s possible to integrate NFTs to empower gamers. We believe that in the next 10 years, games will gradually become more empowering to gamers, with less predatory tactics as better games with better options and ecosystems gradually hit the market.

1c) How will you bring in traditional gamers and real demand?
Unfortunately, based on our market analysis, it is not practical to target the traditional gamers during this time. NFT games need to prove themselves first in this controversial sector. But we have every intention to onramp traditional gamers in the future, as that will decide the long term survival of our games.

1d) How do we eliminate fees for free-to-play players that earn NFTs?
We’ve integrated POLYGON (MATIC) chain NFT minting, lowering the fees so much that we’ll cover all minting fees for you!

2) How to Create Fair Value Open Market?
We’ve created our own in-house Marketplace for soft-minted NFTs so both soft-mints and full mints are freely tradeable.

3) How to Build Sustainable Play-to-Earn?
Robust tokenomics and economic structure.
Create high level of perceived value to players.
There’s no getting around creating a game that players love to play.
That’s what we’re confident in as a game development studio!
That’s our primary focus!

Don’t Miss What’s Coming Up!

Everything coming in January/February 2022:

SALE: Remnant Avatar NFTs (Ethereum)
5555 Anime Protagonists for sale (February). Stay tuned on our Website, Twitter, and Discord!

EARN: Alter Genesis NFTs (Polygon)

NFT sneak peak GIF
Sneak peak of a few character NFTs

All users will receive a free Polygon NFT during the upcoming tutorial.
Users can then earn more through gameplay or by summoning using $SHARDS, gained over time by staking $REMN.

SALE: $REMN token IGO end of January 2022. Follow socials for updated news.


NFT Staking (Idle Commissions)

Stake Remnant Avatars and Alter Genesis NFTs for $REMN starting January!

Tower Defense (Q1 2022)

Anime TD gameplay snippet


Currently, we have just opened to the public. If you are reading this, then you are likely one of our first visitors. Welcome! We are glad that you are here.

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