Thanks for your input rMo :) Is it possible to have a “quick translation” of the german…
Nicolas Pidancet

Hey Nicolas!
Thanks! I will translate the screens by their order (left to right, bottom down). Keep in mind, english is not my native language and meanings might differ. I’ll start with screenshots of their chat:

Orange: and that’s what i can in esport
White: nothing has been subtracted
Orange: if i visit a LAN Party for example
Red: you can if you want
Orange: before you said i can’t
Red: as long as you don’t make more than 100 bucks, i’ve got nothing from you
Black: if you get MVP, you’ll get free coins
Red: if you make more than 100 bucks we’re gonna talk again
Red: ok?
Orange: how many people in here are in the management of THG?
Red: hahahaha
Red: management
Red: cool guy
Green: xD
Red: come to one of our meetins, then you’re in the management ;)
Green: ;)

Red: as soon as we find answers, we’ll tell
Red: ;)
Red: but via press
Red: :D
Orange: but then i’ve already invested too much money
Red: you’ll get everything
Red: if you have something on it
Red: ;)
Orange: but that doesn’t answer my question
Black: you need to win
White: yes if you earn it in a tournament or in a 1v1 challenge, you can get it from the other players
Orange: where does the money you’re paying out come from?
Black: then you’ll get money
Red: otherwise “victims” are welcome aswell
Red: we need them aswell
Orange: thanks for calling me a victim
Red: read first
Red: info-Area as an example
Orange: i’d like to know it from you guys

Black: then you’ll see way more info
White: thats not really true Orange
Black: click the info icon on the top left
Black: bottom left
White: you can also get to know new people
White: gamers who maybe play the same game as you
Orange: i know enough people
Orange: don’t have to pay for that^^
Orange: and i also have enough of that
White: yes but here neither
White: no one is forced to
Red: orange everything is visible without registering
Black: no, you only need to pay money if you want to play for money
Orange: red, wrong, you don’t see what you can do if you dont register
Orange: well yeah but where’s the point then?
Orange: in normal esport you don’t have to pay money to win money
Red: but i’ll give you another chance otherwise we will delete your 2 datasets without checking on facebook or google who you are
Red: i promise
Orange: this has nothing to do with esport, its pure gambling
Red: we do progaming
Black: you also have tournament fees

Red: alright, see you… will be done immediately
Green: eieieiei
White: was a pleasure to meet you Orange
Grey: not for me
Green: am i in management as well now? :D

Red: will of course take some time… now that we have many new users
Grey: the day was so cozy…
White: well yeah, he just accused me of paying something
Black: doesn’t matter, IP banned forever. bye money, hello ESL where he has no chance

Black: but man, trolling around but once he gets answers he isn’t happy either
Red: he didn’t troll
Red: hello
Red: black

Red: you don’t know what a troll is then
Red: hahahahaha
Black: well then he would listen instead of only trolling
Red: you young guys have a lot to learn ;)

Red: and actually, they have to bring the money
Red: no one else
Red: hahahahaha
Blue: yes
Red: and btw, the legal form of THG is

Red: me and only i’m behind it and risking my ass
Red: and as soon as more coins are around than my AMG’s value, you can start to bother
Red: idon’t want to hear anything before
Red: hahahaha

Red: thanks again to everyone helping
Red: if i ever can pay you, you’ll immediately get a manager title
Red: i promise

Red: deal?????
Grey: yes
Blue: yes
Red: everything else is just stirring things up

Red: everything else is just stirring things up
Grey: if xxx trusts in you, then deal
Red: think for yourself is the keyword
Red: ;)

Now the Discord screenshots:

Black: tbh i’m not a fan at all from you
Green: but you did the 20min post ;)
Green: not yet ;)
Green: but we’re trying to convince you slowly but surely hahahaha
Green: are we allowed to?
Green: legit?
Black: absolutely
Green: thx
Green: very kind of you hehehehe
Green: and it’s funny, with 200 users i’m able to pay out more than others with 1500 users
Green: have you an idea how cool it gets if we have 300 or 400 or more users?
Green: and when finally you pros come, then it’s gonna skyrock
Green: well sorry
Green: “pros”
Black: rofl nt

Black: mmmmhhh yeah, i had an account
Green: ok cool
Green: thanks then
Green: why had?
Green: did i already ban you
Green: hahahaha
Green: were you the one with the adolf picture
Green: hehehe
Green: that’s the only one i’ve banned
Green: i swear
Green: except for some russian bots
Green: well then i don’t want to bother you any longer
Green: hope you’r gaming?
Green: and i bother you while gaming and not with profane things like working ;)

Green: alright, gotta go to work… i’ve got 282 users to serve
Green: see you surely somewhere
Green: bye
Green: greetings to everyone :D
Black: am i allowed to ask with whom i’ve talked?
Black: just to classify

Feel free to correct me if i’ve translated something wrong.

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