I recently received the new MacBook Pro with Apple’s new M1 chip.
When setting up my dev environment for Flutter, I ran into some problems with building my app for iOS.

It took me some time to figure out how to successfully develop, build and run an app without any problems. I am certain that future developers, who make the switch to devices with the M1 chip, might run into similar problems. This articles explains how to overcome the issues.

What was the issue?

At the time of writing the CocoaPods is not officially supported on devices with Apple’s M1…

Redux is one of the many state management solutions available for Flutter. It originated from Javascript with the means to make a predictable state container for apps. However it is still quite popular I noticed that developers consider redux to be complicated and also do not like the boiler plate code. I personally agree that redux tend to be a bit more complex than for example BLOC and there is some boilerplate but there are also advantages:

  • It has proven to be very scalable.
  • Clear separation of responsibilities.
  • One direction of flow which makes it easy to undo a state…

Rémon Helmond

Besides being a driven and passionate app developer, I am a keen sportsman and love: cycling, fitness and speed skating.

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