Life Through A Filter

In my life, certain applications are utilized for certain activities, but regardless, everything is filtered whether that is how you monitor your audience or through a literal Snapchat or VSCO face or color morphing filter. For me, Snapchat is used to express my silliness through ridiculous videos of my friends or strange selfies that make me laugh, while I use Instagram to depict who I want to be, but am not 97% of the time. Both platforms together pretty accurately sum up who I am as a person; however, if you only see one profile, you might not see the real online version of myself.

Depending on which social media platform you are planning to use at a specific time, it is important to keep in mind your audience. For instance, on Instagram, my followers include friends, previous bosses, family members, and naturally a few strangers. Personally, here I would feel uncomfortable posting photos of promiscuous poses at the beach or embarrassing, low-quality nighttime videos. However, on Snapchat, it is a whole different ballpark. Brief snippets of my friends dancing on the kitchen counter singing at the top of their lungs or pictures of my meals are frequently shared with my followers, who I can specifically choose. This platform has always seemed more relaxed and there seems to be less pressure to portray a perfect life as opposed to the stresses Instagram. Of course the amount you share with your audience is up to you regardless of your platform. As mentioned by James Porter, online delivery helps achieve your desired outcome that your audience ultimately sees. On Snapchat, it is extremely easy to represent your body and identity through posting stories. Here, it is difficult to “be fake” because videos cannot be edited or skewed in ways that make someone physically look different than they actually do. Information about daily life can also easily be distributed and circulated to really whoever you want. Unlike Instagram, you can choose who views your stories and you can of course send videos and updates privately in chats. This app is all about interaction, so streaks keep friends close online and stories allow you to see life updates of those you aren’t close enough to have a hundred day streak with. With both platforms, my life is hardly ever #unfiltered, but that seems to be the expectation online nowadays.

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