Re-branding my Instagram

It’s not much of a rebrand, but a more conscious look into what I want to create.

For the last two or three months I’ve been posting regularly on Instagram, realizing that is the best social network for my field of work (maybe to any kind of work, but specially photography).

When I started I had no idea what it was going to be. That mind state kept me from doing anything. As in a lot of things. That’s why I decided not to focus on that and just do something. The idea was pretty basic. That’s what I needed to stay focused.

Go out. Take pictures. Upload two each day.

I have failed and I have accomplished that in equal measures.

One milestone was to reach 200 followers. I had 135. I did it in about a month. Not bad. Now I’m in 197 and it drives me crazy!! (More on that on a different post).

For days I saw a steady increase in follows. 2–3 a day. Maybe one unfollow.

I use the basic tactics: hashtags, specific hours, captions.

It wasn’t working. I wasn’t happy about it.

Then I tried a different approach. One that is so basic, but almost no one uses.

I started conversations.

Just a simple: “love your picture add compliment specific about the pic 😍”

Yes, it is to boost my page, but I genuinely love the picture. Hence, the specific. Then I added a simple hello on a DM. Not asking for a follow, just a compliment. Genuine complement.

I do this because every time someone comments on my pic it makes me feel great! I do this because I want to make someone feel great! And most of all, I want to meet other creators.

Yes, I want to drive their attention to my page, but it creates a connection.

This way I have gained followers that like my pictures almost every time. This way I found myself talking with a woman in NewYork about street photography and feeling so inspired by her work and her advice. This way I found myself meeting a woman form Russia and taking her pictures during her vacation in Mexico City. Is the first time I photographed a model that I didn’t knew personally before (more on that on a next post).

Today I’m remaking my Instagram grid after a small crisis.

I’m writing this on my phone, in the dark because I wasn’t going to be able to sleep until I put my ideas into actions. I’m so sick and tired of leaving this for some other moment and see that moment go away. Waking up with the feeling I had a good idea and now it’s gone.

I will be remaking my Instagram because I know what I want to do.

I know the direction I want to take with my photography and I need to see that reflected on my account.

I wanted to share this because I also said I was going to document my journey through photography. I haven’t done that; but I wont dwell on that, I’ll just keep making.

In the next post I’ll talk about the details of my new account. My milestones, what I want to do and how I will do it.

Please follow me here and specially on Instagram to stay in touch. If you like it, start a conversation.