My Son Just Bit His Tongue

The interesting thing about being alive, human, and having a perspective is that so often you realize you have no perspective. There are some things you can know by reading. There are some things you can know by loving. And there are some things you can only learn deeply by a specific experience. My son just about bit his tongue in half last night. He may require stitches still. We’ve been dealing with it as best we can and helping him feel as normal as possible throughout this.

As a first time parent, this opened the door just a crack. A tiny sliver for me on a world that so many parents live in with children that require constant medical attention. Maybe it’s cancer or a degenerative disease, whatever it may be, I can’t imagine what that’s like.

But I started to try and my mind went wild. To carry hope for one who can’t quite hope for themselves yet. To see one in such pain, that up until that point in their life, is the worst pain of their life. To spend your weekend at the doctor, and then the next, and the next.

We’ll be ok. The body my son has been given will do what I cannot do for it. It will heal and mend. We’ll be at the park next weekend stitches or not.

To all those parents in a perpetual journey of watching their child waiver between health and illness, my heart goes out to you and hopefully the next time I meet you and your family, I will be spurred to action and support like never before.