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To understand what we are trying to achieve at Remotesome and why our mission is important to us, we decided to write a manifesto which reflects our mission with Remotesome.

Going from office work to remote work, we as a society are making a revolutionary shift. In terms of importance, remote work has a similar impact to shift such as shift from agriculture to industrialization. In agriculture we as a society used to work distributed on the fields. Going to industrialization times we started gathering in one location to work. That changed the way on how we approached work.

Talent is distributed

Before internet era, information has been stored locally. First examples of that were libraries. In order to access information you had to be near knowledge source. Without living next to the source iex. library you couldn’t consume information. People were limited to moving in order to learn.

In 1950s, in business ways this evolved into offices. Offices were the source of information with which you could operate. To operate and work you had to come to office so you could receive or transfer information forward.

With internet era a big shift happened. Distribution of information has changed. With internet information went from being stored locally in libraries to being available online to anyone. Everyone with internet connection was able to access information.

This shift is more important than people would think. This means that majority population who weren’t living next to the knowledge source has gotten a chance to learn through internet access.

Internet enabled us as a civilization to make information distributed. This helped many people across the world to start studying topics they didn’t have access to before.

This shift made talent distributed around the world.

Let’s take software industry for example. Back in 90s if you wanted to find the best people in tech you had to go Bay Area where all the major tech companies were. Knowledge was centralized as well as the talent who went over there to seek knowledge and opportunities.

Nowadays in internet era of distributed information you might find an expert in certain domain in India, Brazil, Russia or New Zealand.

We on Remotesome are founders who are not coming from a major tech hub such as San Francisco, London or New York. We have all been there though. And we learned something.

That many talented people we met there are in fact not born there. They immigrated there because they were looking for opportunity.

With new era of remote companies these same talented individuals don’t need to relocate. They can stay where they feel like home and access information and opportunities. Remotely.

This is why Remote Work is changing the way we approach work. Suddenly opportunities are within the reach without need to move somewhere.

Hiring is broken

Talent searching for job or companies hiring are activities none of the parties like to do. Both parties would ideally love to engage and start working with as little friction in between as possible.

But before companies want to employ with talent they want to make sure whether individual is fit to join their team.

Resumes, cover letters or LinkedIn profiles does not give a good validation.

Most of the companies learn how hard this through fails on their path hiring. Being a manager is one and being a good hiring manager takes a different set of skills.

This is why organizations/companies are constantly learning about hiring. And that costs a lot, money and time wise.

One of the strategies companies do is to increase steps of validation to get more people to talk with a candidate. This decreases subjective opinion and chance for wrong evaluation. This seems a fine path for companies with unlimited resources and long time to hire.

In reality, most companies would like to hire as fast as they can and get a person onboard as quickest as they can. But with long steps and variation of evaluation this becomes harder and can last several months.

This is where Remotesome helps companies. We dive deep on each candidate through many steps to filter out the top 1% talent.

On another side we are also helping remote talent become exposed to multiple opportunities faster. With a single application one person gets access to hundreds of companies. This saves a lot of time to candidates who doesn’t want to go multiple times through application process and waste hours of their time. They need to do it only once.

All companies have single goal when hiring: to find their ideal candidate for the team. The way how they search is different and similar at the same time.

We want to standardize these steps and help companies find top talent faster since we are already do verification process on our end.


For years we have been witnessing that team is one of the most (if not most) important aspect of the company. What Remotesome does is help companies find top talent to build the best possible team.

Talent distributed around the world Remote Work is fueling a new generation of software companies. By finding top talent, we are committing to help companies on this mission.

On another side, we want to help incredible talent around the globe reach opportunities they don’t have in their local communities.

This is why Remotesome is committing to connect 100000 great individuals around the world with companies in next 10 years.

We are starting first with software engineers and then expanding our reach to whole software stack talent. After that we believe we can help companies and talent in other industries as well.

Remote Work is the future and new era of how we perceive work. We will work together towards paving the path Remote Work becoming a standard in future even beyond software companies.

Andrej Fodor
CEO, Remotesome

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