How you’ll find your email account configuration settings in IncrediMail?

As we know that Incredimail is a free application programmed to manage all your emails and messages or other important things like personal or business contacts and the transactions of email. In short, it’s Incredimail is just designed to have easily operated the emailing service and to have fun with your emails.

So now come to the topic first of all the things you need to know about the Email configuration in Incredimail is that the email you want to configure into Incredimail it’s not provided by Incredimail so that configuration setting is only available on the Email Account Provider’s server for including the access details like ID, Username, Passwords and the mailing servers. So when you need to configure that Email on Incredimail you should enter these settings into your Service Provider Email Account for example (Yahoo, Gmail, Other’s) then only Incredimail will accept the incoming or outgoing emails from his server.

Genuinely it’s pretty easy to configure other email accounts in IncrediMail, without setup the other Email service provider configuration settings but for that, you should import correct email account to configure the email client service you’re using before.

Be sure you have entered the right email ID because if it’s wrong your Email account will be not configured and when the email account still not configured after importing the correct Email account please contact your Email service provider for help and ask for setting you needed to configure it.

How do I add or remove email account in Incredimail?

  • Open Incredimail window, check in the Tools from your menu options.
  • When the account conversation will show, Click on Add it appears top on your right side to add a new one.
  • To delete wrong Email account click “remove” it appears below of the “add” option

Steps to Automatically import email setting to your ex-email client

  • Now “Account Wizard” conversation open, now choose Automatically Configure Email and click next.
  • The Automatically configuration in “Account Wizard” will simply find out already added the Email account.
  • Choose Email you like to import Email messages and clicked on Finish.
  • Now click OK so the Account Wizard conversation will be closed, now use the configured account easily.

For further information, customers can contact Incredimail technical support helpline calling this Toll Free will provide you direct support from the Incredimail support.