Mozilla’s Thunderbird might have been greatly exaggerated

Records of the fatality of Mozilla’s Thunderbird might have been greatly exaggerated. However, the e-mail program is no more on the business’s priority list.
 Responding to information items which his company was dumping Thunderbird, JB Piacentino, handling director of Thunderbird, attempted to clarify the continuing future of the program in a Mozilla blog.
 Thunderbird users can anticipate upgrades later on, with types 14, 15, 16, and 17 coming.
 Mozilla also designs to support the application form at least before second 50 % of 2013, matching to Piacentino, and is wanting to regulate how to aid it beyond next calendar year. The business will still spend paid staffers to take care of the support of Thunderbird, though they could only spend part of their own time focusing on the project.
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 But beyond support, Mozilla is moving the hardcore development of Thunderbird from itself to the city.
 “To become more specific, Mozilla won’t concentrate on growing enhancements for Thunderbird but could keep it safe and secure,” Piacentino described. “Mozilla will provide all the system necessary for new, community-developed features to be included in upcoming Thunderbird produces.”
 The application’s audience carries a variety of specific and enterprise customers, totaling more than 20 million users, recognized Piacentino. The merchandise has gained traction force among corporations, government authorities, and classes, he added.
 Why is Mozilla curtailing its development of the program? Tapping into the net and centering more on mobile seem to be to be the center reasons.
 “We believe that e-mail experience can be better, for example by leveraging more Web services, once we performed for Thunderbird Filelink,” Piacentino said. “Mobile ecosystems are virtually siloed and shut and we feel that bringing the net technologies and beliefs to mobile can make mobile better. Thunderbird remains a good desktop-only email customer but it generally does not really align with this plan.”
 The business is also relying on the available source community to get the slack.
 “Gleam an ecosystem of wide open source talking to companies focused on supporting business deployments,” Piacentino added, “and I’m sure they’ll intensify to meet their clients, thus bettering Thunderbird.”