Men’s Belts — The Stylish, Useful & Fashion Essential

You may want to reconsider posture on Italian leather belts if you are currently not using the belt loops on your pants. On the other hand, an expensive denim will make you look nothing but better than a good for nothing. Whereas wearing a simple denim or plain shorts with an elegant & classy mens leather belts will make people notice your iconic style. There is the majority of men who prefer leather belts, nevertheless, their preferences may change based on their purposes of wearing. It is important to notice that your overall appearance will be based not only on your choice of belt but also how you wear it. The simple task is that confirms you as a man who knows his clothes in terms of how & when wear the best outfits.

Whether you wear shorts or denim, you should always be armed with a trusty men’s belt, it is an essential accessory. For men who have the physique to awe about, therefore, check out some benefits of wearing belts as they will showcase your muscular curves that you have created by holding your pants in the right place.

Basic Length: Men’s Belt

When it comes to dress belts, you should have a few inches of leather left of buckle once it is fastened. On the other hand, casual belts have a little room for flexibility, but an overall long tail end is always an awkward look.

In general, dress belts are measured by a range of pant sizes. Pick the belt two or three sizes larger than your pants in order to get a fit. For instance, if you wear 34” trouser waist, then a belt labeled 36” to 38” will probably be in the right neighborhood. There is the easiest check is just to try out one of the best designer belts for men in an online store. Bear in mind, when it is worn properly, it will be a bit tighter.

Men’s Belt Basics: Belt’s Buckle

The bigger the buckle, more formal it is. Typically, dress belts have small & flat belt buckles. Larger buckles with rounded shapes are pretty common when it comes to more casual styles. If you want to wear other men’s fashion accessories, then belt’s buckle should be the same.

The casual belts have almost any size & kind of buckle style. Consistency theme is pivotal comparatively the shape & size in casual settings. In case, if you like larger metal buckles, wear them with western style outfits instead of tight urban look.

Belt Colors

Leather must always match the leather. The simple rule is applied on both casual as well as formal wear. Brown leather shoes go with brown leather belt & black with black and vice versa. Matte shoes go with matte belts. However, rare animal patterns can be expensive, but it should be considered as casual wear.

Types of Buckles

There are a few common methods of approaching the basic task of holding your pants. However, most of the belts’ buckles fall into one of these styles:

1.Buckles with a hook

The belts slide through a loop of metal & a metal tongue is slipped via a hole in the belt.

2.Buckles with a tongue

It is attached by slipping a hook on the back of buckle via the front of the belt.

3.Buckles with a sliding latch

It slides through a metal latch.

4.Braided Belts

It uses a basic tongue buckle. However, the belt is made of a woven leather braid instead of a flat piece of leather with punched holes.

Complete your summer look & bear in mind all above-mentioned information before buying Italian leather belts. Whether you are hanging out with your friends or family or going to a formal event, this informative piece of content will certainly help you to choose the perfect belt.