Review: WhatsApp Marketing Script — Worth it?

Sep 27 · 1 min read

This review is based on our personal experience with the script and using it for more than nine months.

Like millions of other websites that have been around for a long period of time, here in WhatsApp marketing we had a lot of deferred maintenance.

Things have generally been going well with major desktop tools just that desktop tools never send shipping to multiple numbers in one go.

I came to know about WA Panel and then tried getting access to this script so I can run my Whatsapp marketing campaigns and make money.

Since, I was not given access. I got the script from a friend who purchased on my behalf. And since, then I am using the script (and also cracked it so I can resell it to anyone) and run 300k–400k campaigns daily.

Now, if you go and buy the original script then it will costs you 1000s of dollars to purchase WA Panel.

I can give you cracked script for only 99$ with unlimited updates. (I get updates since my friend got original copy and when WA Panel update their script. I get access to it.)

I also sell WhatsApp Hash Channels that work with script. And its the best combination at cheaper price if you buy from me.

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