Narcolepsy isn’t the snoozefest we imagined. It’s a fascinating neurological disorder with aspects of dream sleep sneaking into daily life in odd ways like experiencing hallucinations and being paralyzed head-to-toe.

Surprised? I was too — when I was diagnosed 8 years ago in law school.

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Julie Flygare, JD — founder of Project Sleep and author of “Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy

Hi! I’m Julie Flygare, a writer and yogi living with narcolepsy in Los Angeles. Here are the most shocking things you didn’t know about narcolepsy and the media doesn’t mention:

10. Narcolepsy is not a joke. As a young law student at Boston College, I realized I was having mysterious health issues but — narcolepsy…

Julie Flygare

Speaker, Author of Wide Awake & Dreaming, Founder of @Project_Sleep & #NarcolepsyNotAlone, Runner & Gummy Bear Addict.

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