Jell-O Shots

Jell-O Shots are one of the most popular drinks that everyone loves the most. Who said Jell-O Shots should be stop soon after your college life? You can definitely have Jell-O Shots whenever you want to have such as parties, occasions, wedding and many other events. Well if you don’t know about the Jell-O Shots yet then it is a part of jell that contains a high level of alcohols.

Having Jell-O Shots occasionally with your friends will refresh your minds. This type of soft drinks actually doesn’t affect your health; in-fact if you take it properly in a proper diet then it is good for you. Jell-O Shots are naturally made with fruits so obviously it is good for women’s too. Jell-O Shots gives you some kinds of pleasures and entertainment while you swallow the chunks of this Jell-O.

About Jell-O Shots

Jell-O Shots are very common during the parties. In every small or big occasion Jell-O Shots are mostly available as it is very funs to have during the parties. This drinks are very easy to make and can be made in any flavour of your choice. These little boozy drinks will make you go crazy in parties as it gives you different pleasure while you taste.

When you talk about the parties’ funs and enjoyment then it is compulsory that there should be Jell-O Shots included in the items of the party list to bring more funs and pleasure. Normally in the parties mostly peoples dance eat and gossip around and only the selected people who is really into drinks take the drinks of alcohol but when there is a drinks like Jell-O Shots in the party then normally every start taking the drinks no matter what.

How to customize your favourite Jell-O Shots

You can customize your favourite drinks Jell-O Shots with different flavours and making it colourful and beautiful that is attractive in looks and everyone will get tempted to taste it atleast once. What most common in this drink is because it is good in taste as well as easy to make.

Ø There are many several options when it is all about the famous popular drinks Jell-O Shots.

Ø You can use different flavours of your wish for making these famous drinks such as gelatine flavour.

Ø If you wish to can change the colour of your drinks then you can definitely change it by adding one two drops of food colouring.

Ø You can layer up the drinks by adding up different colours and flavours upon it.

Ø When you prepare for these drinks you can design it in many shapes and cuts to make it more cute and attractive such as you can cut it in cookies shape, classic glass size.

Ø You can replace these drinks from the drinks such as beer, tequila, vodka and many more liquors.

Ø Enjoy the flavours and taste of the drinks with your friends in a unique style.

Complete Ingredients of Jell-O Shots

· First of all you will need a packet of Jell-O powder.

· Secondly you will need a cup of boil water.

· And a cup of ice-cold alcohol (either vodka or rum).

Tools Required for Making Jell-O Shots

Ø First of all take a big bowl.

Ø A container for measuring a cup of drinks.

Ø A plastic shooters or a plastic cup for serving.

Basic Recipe of Jell-O Shots

The most creative means to serve drinks at the parties is to create the drinks beautiful in a unique way such as the colour of the drinks and flavours should be awesome in both the looks and in taste. The basic recipes of the drinks are given below:

1. Prepare an ingredient: Basically to prepare a shot of 30 ml approximately, all you need is 170 grams of Jell-O package, 3 cups of water approx and minimum 1 cup chilled alcohol approximately.

2. Mix the alcohol and water to form 2 cups: The formation will depend upon the alcohol that you added. So use the following amount to ensure the sets of shots. First of all take 390 ml of proofs alcohol with 90 ml of water approximately.

3. Keep the mixture inside the refrigerator to chill: Before you does anything wait until the mixture is totally chilled. These steps are very important as the temperature of alcohol evaporates at the boiling point of 78.6 degrees C. After sometime you can mix the alcohol with water that has just boiled at the degrees 100 C. Make sure that the alcohol is cold therefore if it’s not then it will exceed the boiling point when you mix together with water.

4. Boil more than a cup of water: Pour one glass of water and boil it add half more glass of water since it will evaporate and make the water lesser.

5. Mix the Jell-O: Measure a cup of boiling water and add the Jell-O powdered with it, after that stir it properly until it is completely dissolved.

6. Chilled water: Make sure that you take complete chilled water for making this type of shots so all you need to do is take chilled water and add an alcohol mixture upon it and stir it properly.

7. Add some Jell-O inside the glass: When you decide to make a shot in a cup of glass make sure you add some jell-O inside the cup with the help of cooking spray. These procedures are helpful for sliding out the shots easily. You can also add a small spoon on it as well.

8. Pour the mixture: Now you can pour the whole mixture in a cup of glass and keep it inside the refrigerator but definitely not in a freezer. Chilled it until it becomes completely firm. You can keep it two to four hour approximately and served cool.

So, these is a complete package of Jell-O Shots, what is jell-o shots and how it is made etc. Jell-O Shots is a type of jell that contains high level of alcohols. Usually this drink is very popular and common in parties and doesn’t have any affects on health matters. So Jell-O Shots are completely good for both gents and women’s.

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