“Bill Clinton Has Said Far Worse to Me on the Golf Course”
Emma Lindsay

I’m one of those people that others open up to and tell their stories to. And I’ve had dozens of women tell me things just like what you are saying. Now while this is not a “scientifically significant” pool of data, I also have no dots on the opposite end of the scale from women that say, “no, this type of behavior is fine and I like it.” Nor “It is my proper place.” So that makes it significant to me.

Sadly, nothing like when someone feels untouchable and superior to everyone else. I wonder if all this is why all modern dictators, that I have ever heard of, were all male? The abuse, murdering, torturing of others, abuse of power, swimming in excess of greed, makes them feel whole or something?

There are things about people I have never wholly understood, and the looking at someone else as “non person” and using that “opinion” to get power over others… *sighs*

But hey, as a mental patient, I see this stuff all the time, just in a different context. We frequently don’t even get considered as having sexuality, male nor female, and are far too often treated as rabid beasts to be put down, imprisoned, etc.. But we are a minority across all ethnicities and genders. Women are 51% of the WHOLE population. What happens to women, crosses all other abusive barriers. What happens to mentally ill does not. IE, if women are looked down upon, it hurts all of them, not just a handful of the entire human species.

I’m rambling, apologies.

I wish more would openly “notice” what you have said here. It would make a major difference in this world.

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