Men & Fear of Intimacy, Women & Fear of Desire
Emma Lindsay

The timing of coming across this here and now… Is not lost on me, lol. The second arc of a story I’m writing has the female POV knowingly take advantage of how sex effects males to help draw her budding love out of the world he has made for himself after extreme trauma. And, from the get go, they both know it.

Now, while I might be mangling how relationships and/or psychology really work, regardless of having a LCSW and psychiatrist to help keep me “on task”, what is relevant to your article is that once certain other things are dealt with, the female POV pretty much admits to the guy that she had to be taught how to open up about her sexual desires and how to deal with intimacy issues in guys.

And though maybe IRL slightly unrealistic, it is via the intimacy that their raw sex leads to that opens the door for him to heal/recover, and open the door for their own relationship to blossom because it turns out they have more than fetishes/sex in common, and well… One thing leads to another.

I hope I’m not rambling too badly, but every time I come across something that mirrors close to what female friends, straight and lesbian, have told me again and again through the decades, and that I might just be writing something with potential… It makes me smile, because as someone who has had a mixed relationship with the romance genre and some of its… “plot holes”… I want to write something “better.”

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