On the Death of James Rhodes — War Machine
Thaddeus Howze

WTF? I can’t believe they’ve killed Rhodes *sighs* For me he was a typical person who got to be special. He wasn’t uber famous, rich, powerful in the white corporate world… He was just a someone who got to play with the really special toys, and was very very good at it.

And yet again, a non-white MALE is expendable to make others “feel.” This is no different than “girl friend in the fridge.” Why do they try to make it look like the average white male cares? Most don’t care past their own dxxxs. If it takes more effort than five minutes in bed, it isn’t worth their time nor effort.

*sighs* This is so disappointing. Right up there with claiming diversity by having the “new chick” be POC AND some shade of fake lesbian. If they’d just hire someone to write a woman, POC, or anything non white perfectly healthy male who IS that very thing… *sighs*

But hey, as we all know, ONLY white perfectly healthy, hetro males EVER buy ANYTHING fiction *sighs*

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