Be Limitless!
Amith Raravi

Why should it be normal only if everybody agrees it is so? Why not let things be as they are? Why give them a label? Why rationalize the normal to fit the average?

Speaking for myself, I can so relate to it. At least in my case, it is true. Especially as a girl who grew up in our society!!

I would say that this is mainly because deep down, we are scared of people judging us. If everyone agrees to ‘a decision’ then it means, lesser arguments, more peace of mind. But does it mean that it makes us Happy?? No, not at all. If we ever want to feel truly happy, this attitude needs to change. Which brings me to your point:

The point of living is to live. Not to be happy, not to be sad, but to live itself.

Unless we live our lives to the fullest as per how we want, we can never be truly happy.

Well written Amith Raravi!! Looking forward to more such pieces.. ❤️

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