A Thousand Reasons To Cry, A Million Reasons To Smile

When life gave me a thousand reasons to cry, I showed that I had a million reasons to smile.

Let’s be honest. The world is a harsh place. If you’re too old, no one thinks of you. If you’re too young, no one listens to you. If you don’t hold some position of authority, you might as well be no one at all. For me, one of the biggest things that affects many others of my age is standards.

There are standards for all sorts of things, but the biggest one that’s killing us all off is the beauty standards. The high-slung, somewhat unachievable, and utterly bullshit beauty standards. It’s basically how you “should” look. They’re talking big boobs, skinny waist, big bum. But what they fail to take into account is that by nature, we all inherit different genes, hence we all have different body types. The media says that’s a perfect body. I say that a perfect body is one I’m comfortable in.

There’s even a certain type of face that’s more attractive than other types of face. Well, your face is your face. Your face is your two parents’ faces together. My face is slightly chubby (in my opinion) and covered in zits. But it’s mine and that’s what I care about. The media shows you all these celebrities and says that they all have the perfect faces. Well, in real life, they look like us. Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible for you to have literally the same face as any given celebrity who isn’t really what an artist would call the paragon of beauty, because mostly they have ten pounds of makeup on. But the media holds them as a paragon of beauty…and not the rest of us? A question I’ve always asked myself is “Why is it that if I were to find a celebrity with literally the same face as me, they would be considered beautiful by the media and I wouldn’t?” I say that a perfect face is one that I can see in the mirror, or look at in a photo, and say “That’s me!”

They even have a certain way for you to be. If you’re a girl who seems confident, or ambitious, or even just a little whacky, then you can bugger off because you’re moody or “on your period”. If you’re a boy who’s shy, or who cries in front of people without giving it a second thought, then you’re a “sissy” and not a real man. That’s bullcrap. The media says that this is how you should be if you want to get the boy. I say that the perfect way to be is the way you’re happiest being. The media says that you have to be this that and the other to be attractive to girls. I say, just be yourself. I want you to be happy.

So there’s the one thousand reasons to cry. One in every four men commits suicide every day because they get labelled a “wuss” if they say how they feel. You see some of those models on the catwalks? They’re sick. Very sick. You know why you don’t get listened to? Because you’re young. But here’s some things to make us happy.

I woke up this morning, and if you’re reading this you did too. I woke up, and I was alive, and well, I wasn’t worried that I was going to collapse at any time. I woke up and I was fine. I had clothes to wear, very nice clothes to wear. There was good sanitation all around me; a yummy fruit bowl waiting downstairs for me; a family who loved me. And when I woke up, I was in a house. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “You know what, this ain’t so bad.” I looked at my body as I was getting changed, and even though it’s not the best looking body, it was a healthy one that I felt comfortable in, it was strong and supple and everything in it was working fine. Then I had a school to go to. There are so many people who are never going to have the chance to go to school, and here I am, able to go to school totally for free. I still have problems with the social side, but I am irrevocably, unendingly grateful for the fact that I can get an education and, with a bit of luck, a good job. The social problems? When I think about it, doesn’t really matter because there’s a future ahead of me, and it’s bright. Even if I have a few fitting in problems, there’s people there who love me. One very lovely girl told me today that she liked my blog and that lifted me up, gave me a boost for pretty much the rest of the week. And I got a B for my sociology! Exactly! So when life found a thousand reasons for me to cry, I found a million reasons to smile. And I’m still smiling.

To summarise, two very simple words. Stay strong. Seriously. As clichéd as it is, stay strong. Smile. Smiles are stronger than tears. Don’t let anyone get you down. The media? It knows nothing about you. You’re better than their standards, you know you are. You are beautiful, I don’t care what anyone says. You are beautiful, you don’t need to change at all. And you are someone, or if not now then you will be. Just shout loud enough so that everyone has to listen. Be strong. Smile. Love yourself. Be yourself. Time will fix it all, I promise you.

Until time reunites us, dear friends, I wish you good night xxx