Let Me Down Easy: New Beginnings

For me, this month got really strange really quick.

You must know that in life, the inexplicable sometimes happens. And that’s okay. Is anything in life comprehensively explicable, can you explain it in every element and detail? No, you can’t. And that’s okay. Life is whimsical and funny like that.

What’s not okay, however, is when something bad and inexplicable happens during the whimsical flow of life, but is dealt with insensitively. When you can’t explain a happening – and it’s not a good one – it’s not nice to then hear that you just have to deal with the consequences on your own. Everyone knows that, right?

One of those things happened to me this month, and while I can’t say exactly what happened, I can tell you that a new beginning will come from it. The person who was dealing with me told me what I needed to hear in a way that I didn’t need to hear it. I was despairing. I didn’t know what I’d do. I was angry, among other things. I asked myself, why couldn’t they let me down easy? Why does everything have to be bad? Can anything good come of this? But I hadn’t been let down easy. That’s all I ever want, really. For people to be sensitive and conscious of the feelings of others. You can tell people what they need to hear in the wrong way, you know. Different types of news require different methods. It’s not all black and white.

Now, for the rainbow to shine after the storm. I got into a college, and I’m more than happy with myself for that. I’m going to move on and do what I love. I get a new beginning, and to feel like me again. It’s sad that I have to leave my friends behind. But as one door closes, another opens. And things get better. And, just like I said before, that’s okay.

The message of it is this. So, you weren’t let down easy. You heard what you needed to hear, but not in the way you needed to hear it. But that’s okay. You’re always as okay as you believe you are. It’s not easy, but it’s okay. When something like this happens, all you can really do is open your wings and fly away, fly into a new beginning, with new people, and just be yourself.

It always gets better. And that’s perfectly okay.

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