To Be Happy

One thing I can definitely tell you about happiness is that it’s all around you. Seriously. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go. It follows you.

You find happiness every day. Or it finds you. You sometimes look past it. It’s in things like good weather, a friendly conversation with a stranger on the train, finding one more muffin when you thought they were all gone. It’s the little things. And it’s important, which is why you can find it everywhere. But what if you choose not to see it

Do you look at something, like the sky in the evening after a beautiful day, and only see the sky and the sun? Or do you see your hopes, your dreams, your happiness. The happiness of other people. A hundred other people are watching the same sunset that you are and feeling the happiness it offers, isn’t it time you did as well?

The message of this post is the same as the last one. If you didn’t see it, the message is that you should be a bit more carefree. Just a bit. Now I look at the sunset, the red and the orange of the sky, the massive shadows of the trees – and I think “Happiness looks like this” because for me it does. It’s because I’m a free spirit. You might just look at it and see only the blinding light of the sky. You might not understand. But happiness is good. Well, you already knew that. What I mean is that it’s more than just a smile and appreciation. It’s in your heart, your blood, your breath. You feel the happiness from other things. That is, things. Not people. The less reliant you are on people to make you happy, the happier you will be. So there’s two messages. First, that happiness comes from the little things, and that you need to use these things to make yourself happy rather than using people to make yourself happy, and second, that you can feel the happiness from the little things if you free yourself spiritually and look for it.