We can create a deployment workflow just like Github’s, while pushing remote code to our very own live, remote Linux server. Are you as excited as I am?

Image of me trying to figure out how to do this for the first time

Foreword: Why are we here? As the web moves towards things like JAMstack and preconfigured servers, I’m discovering a non-arbitrary importance in being able to set up and deploy to your ‘own’ server space.

…this is a step away from a completely DIY bare-metal approach, yet this middle-ground approach has proven to offer a lot of merits for putting the power into the developer for owning their apps, and running them cheaply. So.. thanks for joining me! I want everyone to feel empowered as I did while taming a server!

1: The Big Picture: Pushing up 💪

We can think of our remote Linux server exactly the…

Remy Hunter 🍩

I break things on the web. https://remyhunt.net

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