Congrats, Trump Voters, You’re Abetting Terrorism

This is the type of idiotic shit that turns people against America in the first place. It’s moronic on so many levels.

Islam is not the problem. The problem is extremists who adopt a perverted doctrine for any number of reasons. But one of the reasons is stupid crap like the above tweets. What better way to alienate people than by claiming their religion is inherently one of violence, one that wants to see the rest of the world destroyed, one that is nothing but cancer? ISIS believes, and gets others to believe, that the West is at war with Islam. That’s not true. But then you get politicians like Trump wanting to ban from entry all Muslims. You get a former congressman (Joe Walsh, R-IL) saying there should be “no more Muslims in the US.” This may come as a shock to the people too stupid to understand politics and foreign relations, but trying to ban a religion or otherwise attacking it on strawman arguments entirely proves ISIS’s point that the West is at war with Islam. So you hold these beliefs, Trump legitimizes them and spreads the across the country, and ISIS uses them to recruit more vulnerable people to a sick ideology. And more terrorist attacks occur.

These are the same people who ignore or otherwise downplay acts of white, Christian terrorism. Why didn’t they propose banning Christians from entering the country during the Ku Klux Klan’s heyday in the 1920s? Why wasn’t there a conversation about banning, spying, or otherwise creating a Christian registry after the Sikh Temple shooting in 2012? After Dylann Roof decided to kill black churchgoers, I didn’t see Trump or his Cult of Stupidity rail against Christians and make ludicrous “policy” suggestions.

(Nor should they have — any such ideas are premised in fantasy and detract from the actual problem. Christianity was not to blame, but by Trump/Trumpkin logic, the religion was at fault and thus we should have at least considered banning them from entering the country. That speaks volumes to the amount of racial animosity that courses through their veins.)

These people are nothing but moronic, ignorant, misinformed, clueless racists embracing un-American ideals in their lust to see a ruthless, demagogic sociopath become president, destroy the Constitution, undermine liberty and freedom for all but whites (or perhaps Aryan sympathizers) while destroying America’s standing in the world.

Congrats, Joe Walsh, Trump, and all other Trump voters: You’re abetting terrorism.

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