As you know, I’m always happy to help. Here is what I found in Google’s Code of Conduct:
Marc Verstaen

Now, can we consider the “Memo” as a display of intimidation and bias? I believe so.

Wikipiedia: “Intimidation (also called cowing) is intentional behavior that “would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities” to fear injury or harm.”

No one can demonstrate that Damore intended to cause fear of anything. Heavens, it’s rare to find such a mildly worded and dispassionate opinion in the field of politics, and particularly identity politics.

Replace “woman” with “black” in the memo. Sure, not everything will fit. But I can certainly find statistic showing that black people are interested in different things than white people (not many thankfully). What would be your reaction to the author of such a memo being fired?

You mean if the opinions put forth in the memo and the cited research were functionally unchanged, only the categories ‘male’ and ‘female’ were swapped for ‘black’ and ‘non-black’? Then, exactly the same. The particular categories don’t matter. Pichai should resign.

Now picture a meeting the next Monday morning with Damore and three other engineers, one being a manager, all female. Considering they all read the “Memo”, what will be the mood?

Who knows. All individuals are different. You cannot read minds. You cannot read the minds of hypothetical individuals.

Will the “Memo” become a massive distraction for the company? I think so.

A ‘company’ is not an individual. Distraction is an individual choice. The responsibility lies with each individual.

This “Memo” is an interesting piece of work, as it displays all the stereotypes of bias, backed by pseudo-science.

This is unsubstantiated assertion.

I’m not even sure what ‘stereotype of bias’ means.

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