Being Black Means We Have to be 200% Better
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

It’s not white people’s fault that in first world countries, they are the majority in educational positions. The only thing that your “being offended” does is further the divide between the races. Believe it or not, there is special treatmeant for minorities in educational/working institutions. Because of all the butthurt complaints they would receive otherwise, these places are seeking to fill a diversity quota; they would pick a potential minority scientist over a potential white one (i.e., affirmative action). Despite what you might think, it is possible to be racist against white people. But is there ever an uproar about that? Nope! Yet the instance a non-white person feels offended for whatever trivial reason, an entire movement is created. Stop blaming white people for all your problems when you should be looking within your own conmunity (school stats, dropout rates, crime rates, etc.).

I am not a white person, but I don’t expect you to consider anything I have said. I merely want to point out that there is an alternative to this racist, easily offended mob mentality.

Grow a backbone, or maybe you should stick to Tumblr.

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