Medium vs Wordpress

A writer’s dilemma

I have been asked from time to time about which blogging platform is the best. In the past, I pointed people to Medium because of how easy it is to set up and write. Seriously, Medium’s writing experience is a pleasure in itself.

This week, I started rethinking my answer and finally, I bit the bullet and moved my author site to a locally-hosted Wordpress platform in order to be able to better support blogging about my writing endeavours. This does not mean that I am ceasing all writing activities on Medium. Rather, I have decided to split where my writing lives depending on the topic in order to better leverage the strength of each platform.

Note that this is what works for me. It may be different for you. But if you are still debating, hopefully this may help provide more context.

What’s on Medium.

Medium’s strength is in discoverability (although the paywall now erected may have weakened this) and the ability to include your posts into different publications. This means that it is great for articles — that is, pieces of writing that are self-contained and about a specific topic.

This may be flash fiction, short stories, opinion pieces etc. What I have found have less traction are articles that are more personal and journal-like in nature. To be honest, I have done cover revealed for example on Medium and have felt a bit like a slimy salesman doing so. And so, endeavors such as announcements, updates about myself and other news will no longer be on Medium. Instead, a more traditional blog like Wordpress or Blogger/Blogspot seems more appropriate for that type of content. Content on Medium will lean towards more like articles than blog posts.

What’s on my personal site, ran by Wordpress

News, book launches and contest promotions as well as description of my personal journey as a writer will stay on my personal site. I’ve been giving a lot of thought about joining the Insecure Writer Support Group’s blog ring which poses a question every month about writer’s personal preferences or style, etc. Posts responding to those would also reside here.

A happy medium (haha, get it? >.>)

The beauty of owning my own Wordpress site is the ability to customize. On my own site, I have used the Display Medium Posts to also display my articles on my Wordpress site. This allows automatic cross-linking without any manual work. If you have any other ideas on cross-linking, let me know.

A last thought — Blogspot

Many authors use Blogger/Blogspot as the blog site to do all their writer announcements and their blog posts. It’s a great platform for those that are a little less tech savvy but I made a conscious choice to not use that platform. It’s a little more of a traditional blog platform which doesn’t quite serve my needs. I may take a bit of a hit in discoverability but I am hoping that my social presence will assist with that.

What platform do you use? What’s your rationale? I would love to hear.