The IWSG Anthology Cover Reveal

and other thoughts on finally getting published

A few posts ago, I talked about my writing insecurities and how I submitted a story for my first real contest. Well to my surprise and delight (okay I went around the apartment jumping for joy and screaming on top of my lungs until I gave my baby quite a scare), I won and my short story will be included in one of the twelve in an anthology about lost heroes.

As an aside first, I’ve talked about this in other social media platforms but this is the first time I’m discussing the win here on Medium. This is partly driven out of need as I use this platform as my writing blog and I promised to do a cover reveal on it. But partly too, I have been reluctant because, to be frank, I have been intimidated by the number of amazing writers here and I have been having a major case of imposter syndrome since I won the contest. (Did I mention nothing I’ve written since have felt good enough?)

Okay, now that I’ve gotten the personal feelings out of the way, here’s the book and it’s gorgeous cover!

Hero Lost: Mysteries of Life and Death

The anthology features 12 stories set in the fantasy genre about lost heros — tortured souls that came to be, that came to look for endings, that came to seek redemption, just to name a few themes. The book will be coming out beginning of May this year.

I am more than honored to be included in this anthology. My story, Memoirs of a Forgotten Knight is a story set loosely in the Physical/Digital world, so I’m very excited to be able to introduce this world I’ve been building to a wider audience.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll further explore a bit around the theme of heroes in fiction so stay tuned for more on the topic.

A Bit About IWSG

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a great community of writers that span over Blogspot and Facebook. The group does weekly prompts, share writing resources, gives an outlet for writers to express their hopes, dreams and frustrations, and is generally a great support group. They have a newsletter chock full of good tips and on Facebook, people often posts questions that they run into while they are writing, from general topics such as “how do I get over this writer’s block” to “okay I’m running out of ideas on how to do good transitions”. And the amazing part? There’s always someone to respond (and not necessarily the same people.)

You can find out more about IWSG at I highly recommend any writer to check it out.

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