11/29/2018 Takeaways from SEC Chairman and more


Judge of the Southern District of California declared yesterday that SEC has failed to demonstrate that the Blockvest ICO met the characteristics of a security under US law

Some research indicated that ICOs have sold nearly 100,000 ETH in the Past 30 days

The UAE government aims to ensure that by 2021 half of its government’s transactions are conducted on a blockchain platform

Recent updates with banks: Then bank-owned currency trading utility, and IBM have gone live with their blockchain-based payment netting service after more than two years in development

Tether is again offering fiat redemption of its stablecoin USDT

Huobi launches its crypto derivatives marketplace


SEC Chairman’s interview during Consensus

  • No bitcoin ETF any time soon
  • Regulated exchanges are needed
  • The rise of “CorpoCoin”
  • ICO-funded startups should go see the SEC, ASAP
  • No action on “no-action” letters
  • Courts may see ICOs differently


Report on BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) by BlockData (Chinese)


  • 切入的场景大多为金融、溯源、供应链。
  • 大多数都支持Hyperledger Fabric系统。
  • 项目发展处于早期阶段,落地应用较少。
  • 目前大部分都是To B模式。


  • 市场前景较为广阔,发展较为迅速
  • 多寡头和垂直领域BaaS并存发展
  • 技术差异较小,产品和服务为特色
  • BaaS节点离去中心化还有一段距离


  • 存在较大的监管风险
  • 技术存在难点,性能还需提升
  • 落地存在较大的挑战