27 days until Rotterdam Marathon

Horses running faster! Picture taken while I was running today.

Sunday, funday, runday, right? Yes! I went for a slow 10 km recovery run in the morning and it was awesome. Spring in the air, plenty of sunshine and nature waking up after some cold months.

Yesterday I ran 25 km, once again way too fast. The training plan said “Long easy run at 5:47 min/km”. For some reason, my brain translates this into “Run as fast as you can, Renaat”. So instead of 5:47 min/km I ran at 5:02 min/km. Now I knóóóów that the trick is to run slowly to boost endurance and stamina but then my Amygdala pops in and pushes the accelerator. I’m a man. Citius, Altius, Fortius, like the Romans used to say. But they’re dead. Ah well.

Did I mention I’m obsessed with data? I’m using Endomondo for running, when running I wear a Kalenji shirt with integrated heart rate monitoring, I have a FitBit Charge HR for step counting and permanent heart rate monitoring, and I use Sleep As Android for sleeping insights. Data gives insights into performance: a bad night’s sleep (short on deep sleep) decreases performance, resting heart rate going down means a better physical condition, RHR going up might be a signal of overtraining …

So 27 days until Rotterdam. Endomondo is quite enthusiastic about my first marathon: “Expected finish time at current fitness level 3h:52m:21s” - that’s called “raising the bar” I think. Haha. My first goal is (of course) finishing the race. The second goal is to finish in less than 4 hours. No, there is no third goal of winning that race! Not yet! ;-)

Plan for tomorrow: 4,5 km run at 6:30 am. Wish me luck! :-)

Endomondo stats
FitBit stats
Sleep As Android stats