Road to Rotterdam Marathon


Close your eyes and think of something you’re absolutely convinced of. 100%. This is the truth and nothing can prove it wrong. The earth not being flat. The sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Something like that. Got it?

Well, once I was convinced I was not able to run a couple of kilometres. I knew it for sure. 100%. The only distance I was capable of was the few meters between the sofa and the fridge. Or crawling into my bed. Rolling over the rug to grab the remote. I also had a tendency to use hyperboles to overcompensate for my lack of athletic accomplishments.

4 years ago I decided to start running (long story, some other time ok). I dug up my running (?) shoes, downloaded the Endomondo app and rushed off. I successfully completed my first 20 meters. I only had to stop twice! After this, I even made it to 50 meters, 1 km, and, OH MY GOSH, 3 km. I started to enjoy running, and as I’m addicted to measuring things and playing around with data, I had big fun with Endomondo.

Believe it or not, I completed my first 10 km race and managed to stay alive. At that point, I dreamed of bigger things: a Ferrari, my own jet and running a marathon. Yes, I know, some things are almost impossible to get. Like finishing that marathon.

On a sunny Sunday, I decided I’d run that marathon. Week after week, I built up with longer runs but without a decent plan. As a result, I almost passed out at 24 km and I was convinced that marathon wasn’t for me. 100%.

Soon after I’d prove myself wrong again. In October 2016 I ran the Half Marathon of Brussels because of a drunk decision at 3 a.m. in some bar and after 21 km I was still able to dance the Hucklebuck. Well, you know what I mean. That day I knew a marathon wasn’t a mission impossible anymore and I started training with a semi-professional schedule.

Week 19 of my plan and 27 days and a couple of hours left to Rotterdam Marathon. I can do this. I’m convinced. 100%. I think :-)

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