Pure ideology.
Genuinely Lenin

Pure scare tactic.

So your solution is to hold doctors and other health care providers hostage as well, much like we do with our nation’s teachers under our “universal education” system? Do you know a single teacher who doesn’t bitch about the fact that they get paid squat for one of the most important jobs out there, and our kids are still coming out of high school unable to think, read, do simple math?

What do you think will happen under universal, socialized medicine?

And doctors are mandated to “do no harm.” I know a few doctors, and not only do they all do pro bono work on a regular basis, not a single one of them would ever allow a child to die because its parents can’t afford care. Show me the data of people dying in the streets before ACA because they couldn’t get health insurance.

At some point, we have to accept that life can be rough and unfair and even horrific — and that there are things we can’t do to prevent those disparities and horrors. We try the best we can, but when it comes to holding a gun to my fellow human beings’ heads to force them to “care,” I’m out.

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