Our journey of becoming three…♡

I decided that wanted to share our infertility journey with our friends and family. First you should know I have never blogged before so everything you read might be mispelled or have missing commas.

My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years. We live in a small town east of Columbus ohio. We have two beautiful fur babies that mean the world to us. We love spending time with our friends, family and of course one another. I would say we have a perfect life but there is just one thing missing…

When we finally decided we were ready to start a family, I was excited and nervous. Trying to get pregnant is supposed to be fun right? It sounds super easy when everyone around you is announcing that they are expecting. After a few unsuccessful years it’s not so fun anymore…

Let’s take it a few years back, I was diagnosed with PCOS. For those who don’t know PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( basically making my menstrual cycle irregular ). We decided to stop the pill and hope we would get a nice surprise one month…. but that never happened. Not getting pregnant in the past 6 years I knew deep down inside we would need to seek help.

By this time you feel like everyone around you is getting pregnant. Every time you open Facebook you see this cute little baby announcements. All I wanted to do is cry and I did. It made everything worse when people would often say things like

  • “just relax , it will happen “
  • “your time will come don’t worry”
  • “you can always adopt”

I began asking myself why? why hasn’t this happened to us? Is there something wrong with us medically? We decided it was time to see a specialist. We had our first fertility appointment in June. I was so nervous but we wanted answers. After 3 long months of blood work, ultrasounds, biopsies and praying we finally had the answer we been waiting for.

August 4th our lives changed forever. Dr. Nash who we been seeing began to go over all the test results. It became clear that IVF was our best bet for conceiving. He told us we would probably never conceive on our own. As he was talking I went through a number of emotional reactions — scared, sad, optimistic, overwhelmed, eager and nervous.

We knew nothing about infertility. I never thought at 25 years old we would be discussing IVF. After long nights if heartache I came to the conclusion that WE CAN DO THIS! We won’t give up! When we started to tell our close friends and family the news I was astounded by the outpouring of love and encouragement. So many People told us “never give up and never lose our faith”. God has a plan even though it doesn’t seem that way right now. He put Andy I through this because he knows we can handle anything.

I began to do some research with everyone’s favorite tool — Google. I also began to follow other women’s blogs and learned that infertility is very common. We started learning more and more about it.


**is the process of fertilization by manually combining an egg and sperms in a laboratory dish and then transferring to the uterus. One out of eight couples suffer from infertility**

Did I mention infertility is NOT covered by insurance! It is very overwhelming and stressful at times. The picture on this blog is very special to me. One day I was driving home I asked GOD to send me a sign that everything will be okay. When I got home I let Gunner(fur baby) outside, it was starting to sprinkle and that’s when I saw this beautiful rainbow! At that moment I knew everything was going to be okay!

We had our IVF meeting and consult with Dr. Nash. Dr Nash wanted to check my uterus one last time, thank God he did because he found that I needed a Hysteroscopic Metroplasty ( surgery before we start IVF ) . We plan to have the surgery in September. I will need a month to heal from the surgery before starting any treatment. With that being said we are taking a few months off and we are hoping to start treatment this fall/winter!

Please continue to pray for Andy and I! I will try to keep up with the blogs!! :]


The family who dreams of becoming three! ♡

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