Waveland Capital Investigation

Have you suffered losses in a Waveland investment program? If so, The White Law Group may be able to help you recover some of your losses through a FINRA dispute resolution claim against the brokerage firm that recommended the investment.

According to their website, Waveland Capital Group is a merchant bank with core investment focus in the oil and gas industry predominantly by way of limited partnerships. Waveland was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Irvine, CA.

The White Law Group is investigating the liability that brokerage firms have for recommending high-risk oil and gas programs. The firm has handled a number of claims involving Waveland. In those claims, the firm has alleged, among other things, that the Waveland investments were (1) high-risk and unsuitable for our clients given their financial situation, needs and investment objectives, (2) that the risks of the investment were not fully disclosed to them, and (3) that the brokerage firms that sold the investments failed to conduct the proper due diligence with respect to the Waveland investments (as the firms are required to do by FINRA Rules).

The problem with oil and gas limited partnerships like those offered by Waveland are they are exempt from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and lack the same regulatory oversight as other investment products. These types of limited partnerships are also high-risk, speculative ventures that often lack liquidity. In addition, limited partnerships offer extremely high commission fees that are often 3–4x higher than more traditional investments, like mutual funds or bonds.

For more information on The White Law Group’s Investigation see, Investor Alert: Waveland Resource Partners I LP

Specifically, The White Law Group is investigating potential claims involving the following Waveland offerings:

Waveland Drilling Partners 2011-A

Waveland Drilling Partners 2011-B

Waveland Drilling Partners III-A

Waveland Drilling Partners III-B

Waveland Resource Partners II

Waveland Resource Partners III

Waveland Ventures IV-B, LLC

Waveland Ventures V-C, LLC

Most recently, Waveland Resource Partners IV, LP, Limited Partnership a filed form D to raise $50 million in equity financing on October 11th.

If you invested in a Waveland offering and would like to discuss your litigation options, please call The White Law Group at (888) 637–5510 for a free consultation.

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