My issue is that these internet feminists, the slut walkers, and the purple haired campus activists, they think they are the ones who got a raw deal
‘But even there…’
Sirous Martel

In a war shrapnel in the ass and chemical burns are still a wound though less severe than decapitation, paralysis or death… we who labor under a glass ceiling, and suffer under more “polite opression” are not suffering the same caliber of opression as women who pack their vaginas with sand before soldiers come to stop from being raped; we are not sold into marriage as children (mostly although some cults within the US are dangerously close). We may be employed in other professions besides the oldest one. DO NOT mistake our war wounds as anything else. We fight our skirmishes here not only for ourselves, but for women everywhere. A war wound is still a war wound regaurdless of its severety in your eyes. 
You labeling women who oppose polite opression as “slut walkers” makes you part of the problem and labels you as a public enemy.

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