Just Once

Just once, I want to hold your hand
Winding our fingers together;
Weaving a connection.
To wrap my arms around you
Finding warmth in your embrace:
Tenderness, comfort, rest.
To offer my lips freely,
Breathless, drowning in your taste;
Drinking till satisfied.

I crave electric fire
Spreading through my body;
Hands and mouth caressing skin.
Your fingers clenched in my hair,
Teeth and tongue upon my flesh;
Pain and pleasure mingling.
To be marked by passion
Born of hunger and need:
Desire that lingers.

I want to beg for taking
Sheathing every inch completely;
Desperate possession, deliriously full.
To arch and writhe beneath you,
Lost to any other sensation.
Consumed, devoured, ravished.
To come alive and fall apart;
Frantic coupling, ecstasy building,
Shattering climax in your arms.
I want to revel in your body
Exploring every pleasure offered:
Primal, carnal, wanton,

Is it too much to want to love you,
Just once?

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