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My distress is far deeper than annoyance and it is vile to trivialize the abuses men and women visit upon each other in the name of selfishness. This whole thread was not about behaviour in general but a specified behavior. Having been a victim of and being a friend to other victims of disrespectful, abusive behavior warrants having a judgment about it. I do not believe every man is foul mouthed, abusive, rapist. (If I thought that I would not ever have the courage to leave my house) nor do I judge every man guilty of these crimes. The severity of the offense bares mentioning and turning a blind eye or standing in denial of the behaviors make one complicit. That is not being judgmental it is stating a fact.

I did not speak in code; I said what I meant. I only use code in my poetry. Moral apathy is just lazy philosophy. Everything is right for everyone doesn’t actually work. Once something truly evil has been acted upon a person that becomes quite clear. I hope that no such evil must enter your life for you to be made aware, but rather that you would learn from the experiences of others . There is something to be learned from every person you encounter if you are wise enough to see it

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