Why like me?
> Because, like you, rather than listen when I told them somthing was wrong or trust
Leonardo Bighi Lourenço

The only reason I bothered to respond to you was because your response indicated you were not listening to the author or her request. Her article was not about self-love, but the subhuman treatment of people who are uncomfortable with “fat” people. Your response was to offer diet advice. You missed the point entirely. So I explained that not every “fat” can be fixed by diet and exercise and the fact that you thinking she could fix it and just choose not to is part of the problem with how society treats “fat” people. You accused me of attacking you and that it must be a “delicate issue with me”. You patronized me and I clarified my statement. The only reason I am bothering to respond again is to make my point very clear:

When you look at a “fat” person and assume you know that they could “fix it” with diet and exercise you have put yourself in the category of people who mistreat “fat” people.

And you did so in your initial response to the article.

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