Talk about twisting data to suit your needs.
Dr. C. Cat

There is no such thing as a “little rapey”. 1. Because nothing about the act of, idea of, or aftermath of rape is little.

2. Because rape isn’t an attitude or feeling one affects like grouchy or angry or excited.

It is condescending and beyond arrogant to flippantly label something so pervasive and serious in such a diminutive way.

I am going to ignore your inaccurate and laughable attempts to pigeon-hole my profession and politics, because neither have anything to do with the existence of rape culture.

As to my statistical data, it was gathered solely to demonstrate that a collection of people, attitudes, ideas, & actions that promote rape/ sexual assault and blaming/ shaming the victims of these actions exist in a high enough percentage in the US to make it definable as a “culture”. It is not just some mumbo jumbo cooked up by crazed feminists looking for another way to blame men for their problems.

I am under no delusions that I will convince you of the existence of rape culture, and I don’t need to. I rest comforted in the knowledge and understanding that your disbelief does not make it’s existance any less true. Your denial, desperate scrambling to disprove, and wild conjectures are your problem…and yours alone.

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