This is what it takes to grow your Mobile App: 17 actionable tips to get it right (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this mobile growth post, we covered the first 7 must-do tips to help you achieve sustainable mobile app growth success:

Tip #1: Product-Market fit first and foremost

Tip #2: Get to aha without wasting the resources you don’t have

Tip #3: Be agile when you explore Product-Market fit

Tip #4: Extract the why from must have post experiences

Tip #5: Seed your Product-Market fit for organic Mobile Growth

Tip #6: Jump-start organic Mobile Growth with inorganic fertilizer

Tip #7: Use Mobile Engagement analytics early to spread the love

Moving on to the next 5 mobile growth hacks. Welcome aboard!

Tip #8: Mobile Marketing Automation as Mobile Growth snowball

When you select the right mobile engagement platform (Tip #7), you open up scalable opportunities to grow your mobile app. You gain a deep understanding of in-app behaviors. First, you understand your must-have users. And can build your growth engine from this big data understanding. This can already take your growth path into the unicorn yard. On the one persona you identified as must-have for your experience. Then, you can do that for each new cohort of users you may look to expand your mobile reach upon.

The beauty of such MMA platforms is that they allow you to modify somehow your mobile experience without having to push new builds to the app stores, thereby saving you agile iterations time and engineering resources time, too (or your time if you are a mobile developer).

You can become very strategic as to when, how, how often and to whom you want to reach out within the flow of your mobile experience to spur further app engagement, new aha moments and thereby increase your referral factor. More people will be referred by your existing power users, faster.

You can design relevant MMA flows to grow on autopilot while staying human and relevant.

Could it be a snowball?

Tip #9: Use Mobile Growth snowballs to make snowmen!

When you get to snowball mobile growth, your experience is clearly having an impact on your target audience. As you automate some of your growth (Tip #8), you not only gain actionable insight for future growth but you also understand what the next generation of your product experience for a given persona should be.

You can now make a snowman for each persona.

You can create a persona-driven mobile experience that best delivers the core benefit to each persona — fast.

How many snowmen did you make this winter?

Tip #10: Iterate your on boarding if you need oil in your gear

When you nail your user experience, I am a firm believer you don’t need any on boarding. The product, through its simplicity and atomic design, intuitively draws your must-have user in to understanding and experiencing its core value in an instant.

It’s a mindless process. A split second.

Nonetheless, most apps don’t achieve that. And many need to oil the first-time use experience with an on boarding flow to explain what the app and its value-add facets are before the user actually gets in-app.

Along the lines of what I started to explain in tip #9, this shouldn’t be a static game. You can use on boarding tools that will allow you to make sure the leading arm of your persona snowman is also a relevant and helpful hand to that persona.

Iterate on boarding. Do it fast. Personalize.

Tip #11: Start App Store Optimization (ASO) before you hit stores

For many mobile startups, I have noticed that ASO is an after thought.

It makes sense sometimes for practical, and valid, agile startup speed reasons to hit the stores sooner rather than later. To grow organically once you hit the stores, that’s another story. You cannot really do that without ASO unless your product-market fit leads to such a strong referral factor that you might as well just sit back and watch your mobile shuttle lift off on its own.

You should think strategically about ASO.

The rankings on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store are influenced by a multitude of factors. Even though some factors overlap, some key influencing factors are totally different from one store to the other.

This may be the object of another post since I have learned and keep learning every day on this mobile growth topic, it’s an ever changing world. Accountability though is easier to implement in my experience than on other, still fairly nebulous, channels such as SEO (although great change has started to kick in on that, too).

You can use great tools to get started quickly and understand your key strategic levers of growth via ASO. You can even use other practical tools to trace back mobile store optimization actions to actual growth.

Can you ASO? Do it now.

Tip #12: See Channel-Market fit as a journey you can boost

There generally is a stage of growth, post product-market fit and beyond the early referral engine signal where you have confirmed a solid net promoter score, where you look to focus on the marketing channel that gives you the most growth steam for the lowest amount of operational effort. I like to call this channel-market fit.

This can for example happen on Instagram or Snapchat as you look to target younger demographics. The attributes of your persona should directly translate into the type of channel you want to explore first.

Mobile attribution can help explore much faster. You connect source to steam.

There are a number of solid mobile attribution platforms out there. Mobile growth is in full swing and some players are raising massive rounds of founding these days to light up the entirety of the mobile conversion funnel journey. Multi-touch attribution included.

Make sure when you select a mobile attribution partner that you’ll get real-time data, both engagement and cost, from at least all major mobile paid ads players (a lot of steam comes from Facebook from experience since they own huge amounts of data they sell to advertisers to make billions). I recommend starting with Facebook MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners).

Identify the mobile growth hot springs. Double down. Scale.

It may look like we’ve gained some height as we keep on kitesurfing towards 17 actionable mobile growth tips.

Before we get there, I’d love to hear what you are using for mobile attribution, ASO, mobile engagement and mobile marketing automation. Or anything else you may use to keep growing your mobile experiences.

Take it away!

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